Frequently Asked Questions

How one can register on for matrimonial purpose?

You or anyone else on your behalf like your parents, relatives, siblings, friends can register your matrimonial profile by clicking on register free link on home page.

How much one needs to pay to register/use

TimeToMarry is 100% FREE for limited time.

Why I am not getting automated mails for registration/password-reset/password-change etc from

Most probably mails are going to your junk/spam folder due to some reasons. there are couple of ways to solve this -
1. Find mails from promotions/junk/spam folder and move them to inbox
2. Find mails from junk/spam folder and mark them safe or click on "Not Spam"
3. Add our mail id to your contact list.

You can follow these simple steps to prevent Gmail from marking a particular email ID or a whole domain as spam:

Method 1: Mark Emails as Not Spam if going to spam/junk folder

First of all try to mark that email as Not Spam. Open the email or select the email which has been incorrectly marked as spam by Gmail and click on "Not spam" button.

Safe email for your inbox

The email will be moved to your Inbox and Gmail will remember your decision. If Gmail again marks future emails from the same email ID or domain as spam, repeat the steps again. Repeating it a few times will teach Gmail that the emails are important and should not be marked as spam.

Method 2: Add Email Ids to Contacts List

You can also try to add that email ID to your contacts list.

1. Click on Gmail logo and select "Contacts" option.

Contact Options

2. Now click on Add contact button and enter desired email ID. At last click on "Add" button.

Add to Contact List

Now Gmail should not mark future emails from that email ID as spam.

How important is to verify an email address during registration process on

Very Important. We only allow verified individuals on TimeToMarry to ensure no misuse of an individual's email identity. A verified email may helps you to get your matrimonial alliance quickly.

How important is to verify a mobile number on

Very Important but not mandatory. We follow 2 way authentication for mobile verification to have authentic users on TimeToMarry. A verified mobile increase your visibility and authenticity for others and increase your chances for getting a suitable matrimony partner soon.

How important to upload matrimony profile pictures on

Very Important but not mandatory. As you expect others to be visible, the same applies on you. Visible photographs always helps to know a person better and may help in getting a suitable matrimonial match for you.

Can I set privacy options for hiding or masking information on

Yes. You can set privacy options as appropriate.

How long does it take to register and complete a matrimonial profile on

We have provided best possible user experinece so that you can complete your profile quickly. You too can take your time to complete your matrimonial profile but we review or list a matrimony profile only if it is at least 60% complete.

My profile always shows under screening on

We review or list a profile only if it is 60% complete. We would like to have genuine and authentic profile on TimeToMarry and We expect you to fill correct and sufficient information for review.

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